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About Knowledgenew LS

Knowledgenew Language Services is a relatively new venture, aimed to deliver high quality language services ranging from translation and transcription to Website and App localization in the minimum possible rates. We are a young organization but that doesn't mean we are unprofessional or amature. The quality of services we provide is on par with those unreasonably high rate companies. What we deliver is what we promised. We deliver the best quality in the most affordable rates. Having worked on over 200 projects from less than 30 different clients in the last 6 months shows the high customer return rate and the quality of our services. Being established in the mid of 2013, we are located in the beautiful Kerala in India. The high quality services in the common man's affordable way is the reason we are surviving in this competitive Language field. With an increased demand in document translation and Apps and Website localization due to the big impact of globalization of economies, the need for language professionals are increasing. But this led to setting unreasonably high standard rates based on First world country rates. The rate the big agencies are charging most of the time is 4 or 5 times the rates charged by us. The expenses these companies incuring often justify the unreasonably high rates they charge. Office of business in the expensive cities, high salaried managers, etc are some of the reasons. How we manage to provide services in such low rates is simple. We do not own expensive office, we don't have high salaried CEO or managers, and our office is in non metro state in India. And about overheads, What is that?. The expensive assets we have is connection with Profesional translators specialized in their respective domains thereby ensuring quality services in the required time.

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Why us


With world class translators specialized in respective domains, quality is never a constrait. A document which needs the skill of an expert with good knowledge in legal terminologies needs to be taken care by an expert in that.


From as low as $0.04 per source word, our services are even affordable for customers in Third world countries. The quality is never compromised with this low rates. You can always expect the best quality services.

Proper Management

Quality alone is not important in language industry. The deadline is as important as the quality. Even a small delay is going to cost a fortune. We understand this and our project managers ensure the deadline is never missed.

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